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We welcome you to the website of DMF Krediet

Tuned to your personal situation, wishes and needs DMF Krediet makes sure you get a credit with favorable conditions and interest rate. Through us you can either get a new credit or combine your current credits.

  • Personal service
  • Same day offer
  • Reliable advice
  • Interest rates from 4,5%
  • Favorable conditions
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DMF krediet
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Revolving credit

This product makes sure your monthly payments do not exceed your budget and offers you the possibility to make withdrawals from your credit up to the agreed maximum. Also it is possible to combine your current credits for a favorable interest rate.

A revolving credit through DMF Krediet offers you the following advantages:
  • Fixed low monthly payments
  • Possibility to make withdrawals
  • Extra payments without penalty
  • Flexible duration
  • Combining your current credits

Descending credit

This product comes with a fixed interest rate and duration. By choosing this product you know exactly where you are at and how long your commitment to the credit is. Also it is possible to combine your current credits for a favorable interest rate.

A descending credit through DMF Krediet offers you the following advantages:
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Fixed duration
  • Extra payments without penalty
  • Combining your current credits

Financial lease

This product is especially interesting for small business owners and freelancers. For a financial lease there is no need to see your recent figures. Therefore there are also options for starting businesses and freelancers. The minimum down payment makes sure you have room for other investments in your company.

A financial lease through DMF Krediet offers you the following advantages:
  • No recent figures needed
  • Options for starting businesses and freelancers
  • Reclamation of VAT
  • Financial space for entrepreneurs
  • Minimal down payment required

Payment protection plans

These insurances could be a complement to your credit. With these payment protection plans you make sure that you can fulfill your obligation to the bank under any circumstances. All of these products can be adjusted and cancelled monthly.

With a payment protection plan through DMF Krediet you can insure yourself against the following risks:
  • Disability
  • Involuntary unemployment
  • Death

Car insurance

DMF Verzekeringen offers you a fitting car insurance for every car. U receive a competitive offer straight away, so your insurance starts immediately.

A car insurance through DMF Verzekeringen offers you the following advantages:
  • Private and business
  • Competitive offers
  • Insurance starts immediately
  • Tailored to your needs


You qualify for a loan when you have a permanent contract, year contract, disability benefit or employment agency contract fase B/3 or C/4. Entrepreneurs also qualify for a loan.

In order to properly advise you we need some information from you. This concerns information regarding your income, housing costs and family situation. When we have this information we can file your request with the banks that we have a partnership with. Together with you we will determine which bank and what product are best suited for your wishes and needs. You will receive a free, non-committal offer from us. When you agree with our offer you can sign the contract and send this to us along with the necessary documents. When all documents have been accepted by the bank your loan will be paid. 

The bank always asks for a valid ID, proof of income and proof of housing costs. It's always possible that the bank requests extra documents in a specific situation. We're happy to inform you about this.

Our advise is to apply for a loan by phone through phone number 0229-760106.

It is also possible to apply for a loan through the online form on our website, by e-mail through of by WhatsApp through 06-19600081

Unfortunately DMF Krediet doesn't have any influence on the acceptance of a request for a loan. The same applies to the maximum amount, the interest rate and the monthly payments. In the end MDF Krediet is dependant on the verdict from the bank, we are only your intermediary.

The amount you can loan depends mostly on your income, housing costs, family situation and possible other loans.

The interest rate depends on an estimation of the risks in your specific situation. Among other things the bank takes into account your age, income, living situation and family situation. 

The monthly payment depends on the product you choose. A 'doorlopend krediet' is available from 1% of the total loan. In the case of a 'persoonlijke lening', 'financial lease' or 'huurkoop' the amount will depend on the duration of the loan.

A 'negatieve BKR registratie' doesn't necessarily have to mean you don't qualify for a loan. Please contact us to find out what we can do for you in your specific situation.

In most cases an application for a loan can be finished within a couple of days. To achieve this it is important that requested documents are supplied to us in a correct and timely manner.

At DMF Krediet you can choose from a number of different products: a 'doorlopend krediet', 'persoonlijke lening', 'financial lease', 'huurkoop', car insurance and payment protection plans. Click here for specific information regarding these products.

You can always make extra deposits without a fine on a 'doorlopend krediet' and 'persoonlijke lening'. In the case of a 'financial lease' or 'huurkoop' sometimes different conditions apply.

In most cases it is possible to combine your current loans at better conditions and interest rate.

You can get a loan on any vehicle with a Dutch license plate at any car company that is situated in The Netherlands.

It is always possible to change the vehicle of your choice during the application. However, we do have to apply for a new offer from the bank in case of a different vehicle.

In case of a 'doorlopend krediet', 'persoonlijke lening', and 'huurkoop' there is no maximum age for a vehicle. However, in case of a 'financial lease' the car has to be paid in full the moment the car is 10 years old. The minimum duration of a 'financial lease' is 12 months. This means the car can't be older than 9 years the moment you apply for a loan.

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